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At Fastic, our goal has always been to support people on their path to health and wellness. We see the solution to a better quality of life for everyone in the concept of intermittent fasting and holistic health. And we believe in taking quality of life a step further, so that people can joyfully embrace their day to day.

Through fasting, mindfulness, better nutrition, movement, better sleep, human connection and general well-being, we’re dedicated to providing an easy solution that helps you live life to the fullest and feel great, whatever that means for you. Because one-size-fits-all should never apply to your personal health.


To cultivate awareness and holistic change for healthier lives everywhere


To be the world’s go-to partner for everyday well-being


To positively impact people’s

Meet our Co-founders

Phil: “When people improve their own well-being and live a conscious, healthy life, the impact is so much bigger than what it does for just that one person. We can change the world with this - what we do for ourselves we also do for others and our planet. We’re all connected through our actions.”

Sebastian: “Seeing so many life changing stories as I grew up, I knew I had to find a way to bring fasting to more people. I mean, when you see people completely reverse diseases they've had their whole lives just by changing the times they eat, it's amazing. I believe in our power to really help people everywhere.”

Expertise you can trust

We’ve combined 25 years of fasting experience and the knowledge from our Fastic experts and put it all into the Fastic app. Our team brings fasting to the world in a simple, accessible way. We’re committed to providing you with reliable information at your fingertips.

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Meet the Fastic Team

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