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As a company, we’re passionate about making our global community healthier and happier. We believe fasting can help restore the balance in our world by helping us become more mindful of our actions. We’re focused on cultivating fascination and educating people to take back their health, without restrictions!


To positively impact people’s wellbeing


To bring healthy fasting to everyone

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Our founders, Phillip Wayman and Sebastian Wettcke, launched Fastic in April of 2019. At the time, they had one goal: To make simple, healthy fasting accessible for everyone. Since then, Fastic has helped millions of people in over 50 countries lead happier and more balanced lives. Today we exist as a dynamic, international company dedicated to encouraging people all over the world to better their health with intermittent fasting.

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We’ve combined 25 years of fasting experience and the knowledge from our Fastic experts and put it all into the Fastic app. Our team brings fasting to the world in a simple, accessible way. We’re committed to providing you with reliable information at your fingertips.

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