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Barbara Plaschka



Biology diploma with a focus on human genetics, neurobiology, psychology and medical physiology @ LMU Munich | Medically certified, holistic nutritionist @ Center for Naturopathy, ZfN, Munich | Certified LOGI trainer @ LOGI


In addition to her biology studies with a focus on human genetics, neurobiology, psychology and medical physiology, Barbara Plaschka is completing a two-year training course to become a medically certified holistic nutritionist. The fun-loving Barbara has been a self-employed nutritionist for over 20 years. As a sought-after author and expert for print, radio and TV, she supports her audience on their way to a healthier lifestyle. Passing on her knowledge using fun and memorable tools in individual coaching, lectures and online seminars.


I’m all for learning to perceive the body’s signals and to take them seriously and thus work with your own body instead of against it. Although what we eat is important, how we eat and above all when we eat are just as crucial. I mainly eat when my body signals a real stomach hunger, and not out of habit or for emotional reasons. Intermittent fasting is an excellent method to relive or even rediscover your actual hunger. This intuitive interaction with my own body is the focus of my work when I accompany my clients on their own journeys. For over 20 years now, I’ve been sharing my experience in the form of individual coaching, seminars and keynote speeches. Where I use mindfulness to accompany people out of the vicious diet-cycle and into a happy life in which a feel-good weight appears as a byproduct.