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Caroline Peyton

Nutritional Therapist


Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Diploma @ Natural Healthcare College | Naturopathy Diploma @ General Naturopathic Council


After 20 years in corporate management roles, Caroline took the decision to retrain; firstly in Nutritional Therapy in 2009 and then in Naturopathy in 2014. She also holds diplomas in Iridology and Wellbeing Coaching. Caroline helped establish the Naturopathic Nutrition Association and was Chair for 7 years. She also became Principal of the Natural Healthcare College in 2013 and supervised final year students’ Clinical Practice training until 2018. Caroline runs her own private practice and specializes in digestive gut health.


I believe fasting is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. There is an increasing amount of research showing the links to fasting and longevity, healthy ageing, healthy metabolic processes, weight management and of it contributing towards preventing various types of chronic diseases. I particularly encourage my clients to follow time restricted eating patterns two nights of the week, aiming for a 16-hour fasting period. This rests the liver and the pancreas and allows the body to reset insulin and glucose regulation. Everyone is unique so it’s important for individuals to find their own pattern of fasting, so that it works best for them and fits into their lifestyle.