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Conny Wettcke

Fasting Coach


Manager Hotel since 1997 @ Schwarzwald Panorama | Independent fasting guide since 2014 @ Schwarzwald Panorama | Health and nutrition consultant @ Academy for Healthy Living | DFA Fasting guide @ German Fasting Academy


Conny Wettcke is a certified fasting guide and health & nutrition consultant who has owned a fasting hotel since 1997. With the help of weekly courses and activities, she’s successfully accompanied around 17 000 participants through their fasting journeys, and gathered a ton of first-hand experience too. Conny is personally a fan of comprehensive programs, and has been practicing the 16:8 intermittent fasting plan for almost twenty years, because simply put, “it just does me good”.


I’ve been fasting for as long as I can remember, and have been practicing the 16:8 method for over 20 years now. To me, fasting is a lifestyle that’s enriched my life in countless ways, and my biggest wish is for others to experience this too. In the fasting programme my husband and I organize, we encourage people to make the most out of their fasting window, just like we do. We promote a pleasant environment that doesn’t involve food, we share knowledge people need for their fasting journeys, and we teach them how to prepare tasty, healthy recipes for their eating windows. Our focus is on appreciating a holistic and balanced everyday life by using community, nature and the outdoors to inspire others to look elsewhere for comfort and fulfilment.