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Dr. Janet Brill



BS Biology @ University of Miami | MS Nutrition and Dietetics @ Florida international University | MS Exercise Science @ University of Miami | PhD Exercise Science/Health/Wellness @ University of Miami | Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist @ Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics | Fellow @ Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics | Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics @ Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics | Certified Personal Trainer @ NSCA | Certified Wellness Coach @ Wellcoaches


Janet is an internationally recognized nutrition & fitness expert, author, speaker, spokesperson, consultant and educator. She’s penned four books and two apps so far, and is the author of various best-selling books, including one on intermittent fasting. Not only does Janet draw her knowledge and expertise from her education in nutrition and doctorate in exercise physiology, she’s also been a college professor at several US universities, where she taught graduate and undergraduate courses in nutrition, health and fitness.


“There is no medicine more powerful or supplement more effective in promoting health and longevity than the combination of good nutrition with daily exercise.” This is the ethos I go by in my everyday life, using a threefold approach to shape what I would consider to be an ‘ideal’ lifestyle. This involves consuming a plant-based mediterranean-style diet, following an intermittent fasting schedule, and participating in daily exercise. And since I do believe in practicing what I preach, I, too, have made good food and healthy movement a part of my life, with a variety of activities like swimming, winter sports, weight training, and countless charity marathons being my go-tos. I’ve also been a ‘semi-vegetarian’ for over twenty years now, meaning that I favor plant-based produce but support it with fish and seafood from time to time.