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Dr. Sven Sparding



Licensing regulation for doctors @ Technical University Munich


Sven Sparding is an author, doctor, entrepreneur and one of the founders of “iamfasting”. Already during his time studying, Sven was committed to university activities and continued his own studies in the areas of weight management, nutrition and fitness. Since completing his studies, his entire focus has been on spreading the word when it comes to the great possibilities of intermittent fasting. Sven was already fortunate enough to be able to report on his extraordinarily everyday method through various TV and other media channels.


Good health should be the norm. But unfortunately, in our modern world, we’re moving further and further away from our species-appropriate behavior and thus our health – with obesity being one of the greatest challenges of our time. Due to “bad” habits, modern and highly processed food, as well as the development of our society, we’re faced with an unprecedented problem: More than every second person struggles with his or her weight. The issue came from the switch to an all-day diet around 200-300 years ago. Today, we’ve almost forgotten that a few hundred years ago we always had meal breaks of 14, 16 or more hours. We’re having to re-learn that this very break from eating not only offers optimal health benefits, but also provides an opportunity to manage weight. Three elements go hand-in-hand when it comes to eating patterns: what we eat, how much we eat and when we eat. For decades we’ve ignored the last question, but now it’s time to rediscover it through the concept of intermittent fasting!