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Kate Robinson

Yoga Coach


Bachelor Applied Sciences in Medical Sciences @ Queensland University of Technology, Australia | Graduate Diploma in Psychology @ The University of New England, Australia | 200h Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training @ Tattvaa Yoga, India | 300h Advanced Yoga Teacher Training @ Arhanta Yoga Ashram, India | 30h Yin Yoga Teacher Training @ Sampoorna Yoga, India | 50h Pranayama and Breathwork Teacher Training @ Yoganga Healing, India | Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training @ The School of Positive Transformation, U.S.A


Kate is a certified Yoga teacher, Breathwork facilitator and Mindfulness and Meditation practitioner. She is a passionate teacher who believes that through mindful movement, breath and focused cognitive awareness, one can lead a calmer and more balanced life. An extensive knowledge of human anatomy combined with a particular expertise in meditation and breathwork set Kate apart. Meaning her classes are intelligently designed to help participants cultivate the tools they need to see positive transformation across all aspects of life.


I believe that each one of us has the necessary tools within our bodies and psyche to lead healthier, happier and more balanced lives. It’s normal for us to over-identify and get hypnotised by our thoughts and worries sometimes. However, it’s also possible to cultivate awareness that allows redirection of our thoughts and behaviours towards action and change, rather than simply repeating past behaviours. When approaching mindful eating habits and intermittent fasting, I’ve learnt to stop being reactive to my every impulse. Rather taking the time to pause and listen to the signs that my body is giving me to guide me into making the right decisions for my health. Our bodies hold so much intuition about what we need in each moment, but sometimes we get so caught-up in the thinking mind that we tend to miss the signs.