Marcus Pappert

Personal Trainer



Diploma in Sports Science / Management @ University of Potsdam | Medical fitness training @ University of Potsdam | Nutritional consulting @ Laudius | Reiki 1st degree | Lecturer Fitness B-License @ Bildungsakademie, Hannover | Top 5 personal trainers Berlin @ Check24 Experts


Marcus Pappert is a qualified sports scientist, personal trainer and lecturer. He’s been working in the fitness & health industry for over 20 years, and specializes in strength training, functional training, nutritional consulting & weight loss, as well as prevention & mobility. His experience coupled with his positive outlook on life has shaped Marcus to be a much appreciated influence on his clients’ lives, for whom he tailors every program individually. 


Exercise and maintaining a fit, functional body have always been important guidelines for me, because I live by the reminder that we all only have one body – and that, for a lifetime. That’s also why it became an ambition and passion of mine from a young age to use my power and knowledge to help people lead a happy and healthy life. 

I do that by injecting fun into everything I do, as I believe that having a sense of humor and going about life with a light spring in your step can do wonders for your holistic health. Plus, when you’re enjoying yourself and having fun, the pressure of reaching your long-term goal gets set aside and replaced with a ray of positive energy.