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Marisa Moon

Primal Health Coach


National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach @ NBHWC | Certified Level 2 Primal Health Coach @ The Primal Health Coach Institute


Named Top 25 Wellness Coaches in Chicago 2021, Marisa Moon is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Level 2 Certified Primal Health Coach and Intermittent Fasting Coach with an engaging approach to wellness that’s relatable, unconventional, and wildly effective. As host of The Foundation of Wellness podcast, and a dynamic, sought-after speaker and coach, Marisa is becoming known for her distinctive coaching style that helps others put an end to the confusion about what’s healthy and finally experience results that last.


As a self-proclaimed foodie and female, I’m living proof that you can love food and intermittent fasting just the same; and that IF can work wonders for women like me. My proven approach, known as The RESET Method, has helped thousands of people forget the rules and end dieting as they shape a fasting lifestyle to adapt to their ever-changing life and needs. I teach the most flexible intermittent fasting approach to help people tap into abundant energy and productivity while they quit yo-yo dieting and find a fasting lifestyle that “feels so right”. After 5 years of intermittent fasting in my own life – to combat ADHD symptoms and sluggish energy – and then educating others in workshops, podcasts, and summits, I’ve become increasingly dedicated to sharing my flexible IF approach that emphasizes nutrient-dense foods and intuitive, enjoyable fasting.