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Reiner Wettcke

Fasting Coach


Manager Hotel since 1997 @ Schwarzwald Panorama | Independent fasting guide since 2014 @ Schwarzwald Panorama | Health and nutrition consultant @ Academy for Healthy Living | DFA Fasting guide @ German Fasting Academy


Reiner has been hosting fasting retreats and organizing fasting-related programmes, together with his wife Conny, since 1997. With the help of weekly courses and activities, he’s successfully accompanied around 17 000 participants through their fasting journeys, and gathered a ton of first-hand experience too. Reiner is personally a fan of comprehensive programs, and has firmly integrated fasting into his lifestyle over the past 20 years.


My passion for health topics such as nutrition and naturopathy already developed at a young age. After training as a carpenter and furniture restorer, I spent 4 years in a near self-sufficient community, practicing a multifaceted lifestyle. This allowed me to gain invaluable experience and deepen my knowledge in areas such as spirituality, life cycles and sustainable agriculture. And after 20 years of fasting experience, not only as a certified fasting guide but also as someone who regularly practices it, I’ve come to the conclusion that fasting plays as much of a key role in a healthy lifestyle as our daily meals – I see it a completely natural cleansing process that serves to regenerate the body and the soul.