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Sophie Fuller

Personal Trainer


NASC Level 3 & 4 Personal Training NASC Level 3 & 4 Sports Massage Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation APEC Level 5 Strength and Conditioning Certification


Sophie is a certified personal trainer, strength coach and massage therapist with over 7 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Having found passion in helping people to overcome chronic pain and weight loss through holistic health and physical well-being, Sophie began competing in powerlifting in 2018. Along this journey, Sophie discovered the empowerment and freedom that mental and physical strength could generate. She ended her competitive career during the pandemic, having earned three gold medals at British and European championships from 2018 - 2020


For me, it’s all about feeling good! Whether your goal is to lose weight, to be able to play with your children, or to overcome chronic pain, or even to grow your comfort zones; my goal is to help you achieve it in your unique way. I believe we all have a responsibility to love and care for our bodies and to live the life we desire - and that in order to do so, we must listen to our body with a depth of connection, evolving as we journey on! When we do so, even the hard days are more forgiving, and the feel-good-factor comes around much sooner.