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Currently, Fastic can be linked with Google Fit and FitBit, as well as Apple Health. You can enable this in your settings with your respective step counter. 

Google Fit Link:


Apple Health Link:



Please find a step by step guide…

….plus more information:


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You can change your fasting hours in the upper left hand corner of the fasting tab!

You can secure your series of flames 🔥  with Frosties. If you want to give it a break for a day, or forget about your fasting phase, the Frosty will ensure you will not lose the series of flames series. You can activate your Frosty by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

Once the Frosty has been used, it is used up and cannot be redeemed once you “End Frosty”.

You can find your User ID in the Fastic app. Go to the Profile tab (it will say your name) and click on the Settings wheel symbol in the top right corner.

Here you’ll find all the important information about your account, terms and conditions, the Help Center and your User ID.

Scroll to the bottom to find your User ID.

You can change the measurement system in your Fastic app. Go to the Profile tab (it will say your name) and click on the settings wheel symbol in the top right corner. Click “Account details.” From here you can select your measurement system.



Oh no! All your flames are lost! What should you do?

Don’t panic! We can help you to restore your flames.

Send us an email from your Fastic app and tell us how many flames you lost. We will restore them all.

If you write us a separate email at, don’t forget to tell us your User ID. You can find the User ID by following these instructions.

To change your fasting time after it’s already finished, go to the Profile tab (it will say your name) and scroll down to the “Recent fasts” section. Then click on “See more.” At the bottom you will find the field “Edit data.” By clicking on this you can change your fasting times from previous fasting periods