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Reach Your goals faster with Fastic-Plus

  • Recipe Book – Offers over 400 delicious wholesome recipes
  • Daily Challenges – Help stay on track with motivating challenges
  • Weekly Challenges – Offer a variety of fun tasks to build healthy habits
  • In-App Chat – Builds community through a 5-week workshop
  • Fasting Buddies – Connects you with Fastic friends to stay accountable
  • Social media Channel – Inspires you and keeps you in the loop
  • Expert guidance to reach your goals faster
  • Valuable insights to monitor your progress

Here you find cancellation instructions for the different payment methods:

* If you have paid by card via your browser, please send us your payment receipt and your full name so that we can carry out the cancellation for you.

* However, if you have paid by PayPal via your browser, you can easily cancel your payments yourself. Please click on the link to find out more: Cancellation of PayPal payment

Here are the instructions for pausing or cancelling your subscription in the App Store or PlayStore:

Here is the link for your Android device: Instructions

Here the link for your iOS device: Instructions

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