Intermittent Fasting FAQs

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⚠️ For beginners, start slowly and listen to your body, don’t expect a quick fix or changes overnight. IF is not a crash diet, nor is it a sprint! With consistency and discipline you will learn to reconnect with your body and mind, helping the two work together in harmony.

⏱ If you are a beginner start with a 12-15 hour fast. Drink plenty of water, however, black coffee and herbal teas without sweetener or any sugar are allowed. We do not recommend using any sweeteners or zero calorie drinks, nor any kind of other substitutes.

⏰ Intermediate level fasting: 16-19 hours. Drink lots of water as mentioned above, and make sure to break your fast with a small portion of nuts, veggies, or smoothie. Do not eat fatty or carbohydrate-rich foods as your first meal as they may cause digestive problems.

⌛️ For expert level fasters: 20+ hour fast / OMAD Follow all advice stated above, and make sure to get minerals and vitamins with your meals.

📲 In our FASTIC app you can choose to track a fast that lasts anywhere between 12-23 hours. We do not recommend fasting for longer than 24 hours without consulting your doctor, as prolonged fasting done incorrectly may cause more harm than good

12-15 hour fasts are easy to follow, most of the fast takes place during sleeping hours, will lead to steady progress and general detox for your body.

16-19 hour fasts are probably the most preferred, as they are also easy to integrate to daily life, show steady progress, help with detox and weight management over a long period of time, and can be done throughout the whole lifetime. Moreover, positive effects such as autophagy (cell regeneration) happen for longer, leading to better results.

20+ hour fasts are for experts who want to push themselves a bit further. They allow for the gut to rest for an extended amount of time, autophagy effects are at their strongest, however, this is usually a fast to do every once in a while.

Remember, Fastic does not condone fasting for more than 24 hours without consulting your doctor.

All in all, if you skip one meal and let your gut rest, you will soon feel more energetic and focused, regardless of how long your fasting period is!

As with anything, it’s all about the balance! Intermittent fasting does bring about the wonderful health benefits of autophagy, however, fasting for too long can become draining or even dangerous.

Reminder: Check with your doctor before undertaking a fast of more than 23 hours.

Whether your medication affects autophagy or not differs depending on the medication. In addition, some medications can damage the stomach lining if taken on an empty stomach. If you have any doubts regarding when you should take your medication, or if you can take your medication without food, discuss your concerns with your doctor or pharmacist.

Intermittent fasting has been shown to reverse Type 2 Diabetes and help prevent its development. If you are currently diabetic or prediabetic, consult your doctor to determine if Fastic is right for you.

At Fastic, we encourage you to try intermittent fasting if you’re 18 years of age or older. If you are younger and struggling with your weight or body image, seek the advice of a trusted parent, guardian or adult.

We do not condone intermittent fasting while pregnancy and breastfeeding, so plan to start IF when you’ve finished! If you have any further questions about what’s right for you, please consult with your doctor.

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The OMAD method, or One Meal A Day, consists of a 23 hour fast with a 1 hour eating window. This method of IF is a challenge for most people, therefore is usually reserved as an occasional occurrence.

Fastic is all about balance. To us, that means listening to your inner voice and doing what feels right for you.