"Live in Balance" Questions and Answers

Why did you decide to launch Live in Balance?
Fastic exists to positively impact people’s wellbeing. So we got to thinking… We help the Fastic Family gain better health through Fastic, and now we’d like to support people worldwide, too. Quite simply,
we don’t need to try to be the best app in the world. But we want to be the best app for the world. We believe it’s every company’s responsibility to give back.

What's the Philosophy behind Live in Balance?
We’re setting out to redefine what a healthy, balanced life really means. To us, living balanced means bettering your health and becoming more mindful of your actions in your daily life. And more, we believe that living a balanced life can create a better world. Because every little action you take contributes to a better future for you, a better future for your loved ones and a better future for everyone.

That’s why we’re starting Live in Balance. By using the Fastic app and taking care of your own health, you’re not only helping yourself, you’re also supporting people around the world in finding balance and better health.
People Live in Balance
What does ‘Good for you, good for the World’ actually mean?
There’s truth in the saying ‘vote with your dollar.’ We put our community first, supporting them in becoming healthier by encouraging healthier decisions. Each of these small choices also helps our world.

Let’s take an example: By choosing natural, fresh produce over processed food, we’re better nourishing our bodies. A the same time, we’re consuming less single-use plastic, showing industries that we want sustainable packaging.
Why Water?
Water is life. It makes up 60% of the human body and 71% of the world. It’s the essence of everything. Plus, it’s right at the heart of the fasting window. Yet 1 in 3 people around the world lack access to clean water. What better place to start?

Why Food?
With over 811M people affected by hunger every day, it's hard to believe that 30-40% of food in the United States alone goes to waste. Let's be more mindful and bring some balance to the table!

Why Environment?
We're investing more than ever into clean energy, yet air pollution is still one of the largest causes of death worldwide. Why not move a bit more, and drive a bit less? Every little change counts.

What's the goal of the project?
Live in Balance is first and foremost about our community. Together, we're taking part in changing our daily habits, so that we can help create a healthier future for everyone. We're putting the act of changing our actions right in the spotlight. We want to contribute to the UN’s larger Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about the UN’s SDGs here:

How can I be more involved as a Fastic User?
We simply want to spread awareness and prompt a conversation about our own everyday actions within the Fastic Family. Take part in the Live in Balance Healthy Habit and invite friends and family to join!