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Intermittent Fasting: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Part 3

Allie Evangelopoulos

Allie Evangelopoulos

June 29, 2021

Intermittent Fasting: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Part 3

Intermittent Fasting: Health Benefits

This is the blog for the inquisitors amongst you, the ones who love to ask, “but why?”
Intermittent fasting has an array of benefits, and not only physical ones! From increased concentration to re-sensitized senses, we’re here to encourage you to invest in your health, get the results you deserve and live a healthy lifestyle.
Ready to dive in? Let’s talk about the benefits of intermittent fasting!

1. Fat loss and increased HGH

We’ve already covered exactly how IF burns fat in Part 1, but this is accelerated even more by an increased production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH)! HGH is a little hormone with a big impact on your health! It helps to amplify the fat burning process and also makes it easier to build muscle.

2. Autophagy

Next up is autophagy! Autophagy is the body’s self-healing process. When we give our body a break from constant digestion, it can begin to do its own form of self-care. Cells that no longer work properly are consumed by the body and discarded, meaning that we stay healthy and happy. Read more about this Nobel Prize-winning research here!

3. Increased concentration and focus

Intermittent fasting helps to improve focus and concentration. When we constantly top up our tummies, our bodies have to work really hard to constantly digest the incoming food, leading to what many people call a ‘food coma.’ Studies have shown that cognitive abilities actually increase with an IF lifestyle! Bye, bye post-lunch sluggishness!

4. Natural energy

You may find yourself not needing that morning coffee, or maybe settling for just one cup! Healthy fasting helps you sleep better: your body is not constantly digesting food, so it can take a well-deserved break. It also helps you to feel happier, more energetic and ready to rock the day!

5. Reconnecting to your body

Ever wonder why many of the world’s major religions have fasting as a key tenet? Fasting and mindfulness go hand-in-hand. When we allow ourselves to take a break, to literally give our organs a minute’s peace, our inner voice becomes louder and stronger. We can better understand our body’s true needs and begin to mend the relationship we have with ourselves.

6. Lower insulin and blood sugar levels

Healthy fasting helps to keep insulin and blood sugar levels stable. When we combine an intermittent fasting lifestyle with the proper nutrition when breaking our fast, so as to not cause any sudden spikes or drops, we can keep our body regulated and regain control! Keeping insulin and blood sugar levels in check can help prevent, or as some studies suggest, reverse, diabetes (Type II).

7. More enjoyment out of mealtime

Did you know that intermittent fasting makes your food taste better? Ok… So that’s not exactly the way it works, but let us explain! Our senses are constantly being bombarded with information – the loud traffic on the street, the smell of flowers in the garden – the sense of taste is no exception. When we intermittent fast, our taste buds re-sensitize and we can experience flavor more intensely, meaning we get more out of mealtimes.

8. More time in your day

Spend more time doing what you love. Fastic will help you create structure in your day by suggesting a fasting schedule that fits your goals. Having a game plan to follow, we can make better use of our time, whether that means getting ahead on some work or spending time with loved ones!

Reap the rewards of intermittent fasting and join the Fastic Family. Connecting with like-minded people is the best way to reach your goals. Inspire, motivate and encourage each other!

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