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Staying Social

Lisa Booth

Lisa Booth

December 19, 2022

Staying Social

Mastering the art of intermittent fasting at every occasion!

Woohoo! It’s Friday afternoon and you’re counting down the clock until it’s time to kiss goodbye to the work week. The groupchat is buzzing away with weekend plans and excitement for the upcoming social meet ups.

But wait - what about your IF goals? You’ve been doing so well and the idea of staying on track over the weekend now seems impossible. Fear not, you’ll have no FOMO with Fastic’s help! We’re showing you how to keep going on the road to fasting success while also staying social.

Today, Lisa Booth, Fastic’s nutrition expert, will be guiding us through her top tips for intermittent fasting success.

3 Intermittent Fasting Tips for Staying Social

Mindful Matters

Decadent meals, flowing drinks, late night laughter… It's easy to get carried away at social occasions. So staying mindful is your key to success! Mindfulness isn’t just meditation, yoga and journaling. In fact, real mindfulness is a daily habit. Mindfulness is the moment to moment practice of bringing your attention inwards; becoming aware of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations within your external environment.

But here’s the social dilemma: Do you stick to your IF plan or do you go and let your hair down? Well, both! When you’re truly mindful and connected to yourself, your goals and plan of action, you really can have the best of both worlds.

It’s Not All-or-Nothing

We’ve all been there. We go out, get carried away and we hit the 'stuff it button’ - the big red button that says, “I’ll start again on Monday!

Diet culture tells us that it’s all-or-nothing; you are either on or off the health train. But intermittent fasting with Fastic is not a diet - it’s a sustainable lifestyle. So this means flexibility, awareness of your needs and forgiveness when things don’t go to plan.

Flexible Fasting

When you allow yourself a little flex, you can go with the eb and flow of life while maintaining a healthy, balanced and sustainable mindset. As we know, life can throw some curveballs that make sticking to day-to-day routines and habits a little trickier. This doesn’t mean you have to hit that big red button!

With a few simple tricks, you can create a flexible, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle that makes it easier to stay on track towards your goals; regardless of what you get up to when out and about.

Social Switches: Try an Activity that Doesn’t Involve Food

Who said fasting and socials can’t go hand in hand? Spending time with loved ones doesn’t have to upset your fasting window. Why not switch it up and try an activity that doesn’t involve food?

Adjusting Your fasting Windows: Extend Your Fast

Did you know that adjusting your fasting window with Fastic is super easy? Simply shift your window in the app to accommodate any upcoming plans while staying on track. Perhaps push back breakfast a little longer so that you can eat later, or even extend your fast overall for a motivating challenge!

Freeze with a Frosty: Take a Break from Your Fast

In life, sometimes it’s good to take a break - so why not try freezing your fast with a Frosty? This feature allows you to take a break from your fast while keeping your score. Taking the night off can be part of a healthy, flexible lifestyle. So enjoy yourself, and hit refresh in the morning.

Back on Track

Sometimes we get carried away, or go a little off plan, and that’s okay. You’re human and will make mistakes, get distracted or even lose motivation completely. So don’t stress - we’re here to get you back on track. Try these simple tricks:

Hit Refresh

It’s the morning after and you’re looking to get back to business. Hit refresh by trying a workout, getting some fresh air or having a cold shower to reinvigorate your body and clear your head!

Get Clear on Your Goals

When we go off track, it’s easy to lose sight of why we started. So get clear on your goals and deeper reasons “why”, to fuel your motivation. Ask yourself:

Small Habits

Small steps lead to big journeys. It can seem overwhelming to get back to your goals, so start with small, simple habits and celebrate the wins along the way. Think about easy parts of your routine that can get the ball rolling again.  For instance, drink 2L of water per day, set alarms for your fasting windows and get 8 hours of sleep. Soon you’ll feel much better.

Bottom Line

Fasting can be an enjoyable and achievable part of your lifestyle, no matter what life throws at you. By maintaining that healthy and flexible mindset throughout each social occasion, you can stay on track towards your goals and IF success.

Don’t forget, we’re here for you! Check in regularly with the Fastic app for more courses, lifestyle tips and support.

🫶 Happy and healthy wishes, Lisa

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