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Meet Our Experts

Allie Evangelopoulos

Allie Evangelopoulos

November 2, 2021

Meet Our Experts

For content you can trust

At Fastic, we’re driven by the goal of better understanding your needs and everything that comes along with it, so that you can reach your goals in a safe and effective way. We’ve paired our 25 years of experience with expert knowledge to provide verified information for everyone using the Fastic app.From up-to-date and reliable tools, tips and information, we’ve carefully sourced a range of experts in various health fields to verify our content holistically.

Here they are

So why did we choose to introduce experts? At Fastic, we believe in full transparency, so that we can really build the trust that’s needed for you to set off on your journey with confidence. And by including them here, you’ll be able to put a face to their name and understand what value their backgrounds and expertise could bring to your journey. If you’ve already read one of our Premium Courses, for example, you’ll see that we cover a range of topics that tackle your health and well-being from every angle.

1 | Fasting experts

As a fasting app, it’s a no-brainer for us to seek guidance from professionals in the industry, which is why we’ve chosen a range of scientific specialists and expert fasting coaches to verify and ensure we’re always up-to-date when it comes to facts.

Dr. Stephanie Estima Doctor

Stephanie is a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic with a special interest in metabolism, body composition, hormones, and functional neurology.

Dr. Mario Ost Doctor & Scientist

Mario is a scientist with a strong expertise on energy balance at the cellular level during physiological challenges such as fasting, exercise, but also aging.

Dr. Sven Sparding Doctor

Sven is an author, doctor and one of the founders of “iamfasting”, and carried out his own studies in the areas of weight management, nutrition and fitness.

Conny Wettcke Fasting Coach

Conny is a certified fasting guide and health & nutrition consultant who has managed a fasting hotel since 1997. And also happens to be one of our founders’ mothers.

Reiner Wettcke Fasting Coach

Reiner has been hosting fasting retreats with his wife Conny, and successfully accompanied around 17 000 participants through their fasting journeys.

2 | Nutrition experts

Yes we’re a fasting app, but we still value the importance of nourishing your body in a wholesome way during your eating window. Which is why on our panel, we’ve got the perfect experts to guide you through it so you can fuel your fast the right way!

Dr. Janet Brill Nutritionist

Janet is an internationally recognized nutrition & fitness expert, author, speaker, spokesperson, consultant and educator who’s penned four books and two apps so far.

Sarah Wander Nutritionist

Having had experience in landscaping, handicrafts, childcare and even office work, Sarah’s scenic career path is what’s shaped her versatility and holistic attitude towards life.

Lisa Booth Nutritionist

Lisa is a registered dietitian nutritionist with over 15 years of experience in nutrition, fitness, and mental health coaching.  She’s dedicated to helping people implement habit change.

Caroline Peyton Nutritional Therapist

After years in corporate roles, Caroline took the decision to retrain in Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy. She also holds diplomas in Iridology and Well-being Coaching.

3 | Holistic health experts

As a company, we strive to positively impact people’s health and well-being as a whole. We believe that better health is about more than changing your eating habits, which is why we take an all-encompassing approach to support you in making lasting, sustainable change.

Dr. Daniela Liebscher Doctor

Being a trained general practitioner, Daniela has collected experience in surgery and internal medicine, but has especially focussed on Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Ilona Bürgel Psychologist

As a qualified psychologist, Ilona is one of the first and leading representatives of positive psychology in German-speaking countries.

Dr. Wendy Troxel Sleep Expert

Wendy is a licensed clinical psychologist recognized for her research on the importance of sleep and how sleep loss can harm our health, our relationships, and the economy.  

Marisa Moon Primal Health Coach

Marisa is a board-certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Level 2 Certified Primal Health Coach and Intermittent Fasting Coach with an engaging approach to wellness.

4 | Physical & mental fitness experts

Finally, we understand that good health and happiness is about just the right balance between mind, body and soul. This is why we’ve collaborated with both mental and physical health experts, who’ll make sure to keep you fit from the inside out.

Alice Fontecilla Personal trainer

Alice is a qualified personal trainer with years of experience in the world of health and fitness. Her belief is that true health stems from a harmonious mind, body and soul.

Kate Robinson Yoga Coach

Kate is a certified Yoga and Breathwork teacher, and Mindfulness and Meditation practitioner who believes that a combination of these can lead to a calmer, more balanced life.

Barbara Plaschka Mindful Eating Expert

As well as her biology studies with a focus on human genetics, neurobiology, psychology and physiology, Barbara is training to become a medically-certified holistic nutritionist.

Bottom Line

In summary, this is what you get from our board of experts at Fastic:

✔ Carefully crafted content that’s verified by our talented team of 18+ experts.

✔ Content personalized for your fasting journey and tailored to your goals.

✔ Material reviewed by an expert in each field – be it nutritional, physical or mental health.

✔ Professional input and seal of approval on each course.

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