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Success Story - Joelle's Transformation

Sophie Fuller

Sophie Fuller

February 20, 2023

Success Story - Joelle's Transformation

Hey Fastic Family, meet Joelle!

Joelle is a busy nurse, wife and a dedicated mum of two. She started her intermittent fasting journey at over 250 lbs, set to improve her health and wellness after a serious health scare.

After being diagnosed with Diverticulitis, a condition that affects the digestive system, in 2020, Joelle knew something had to change!

Without calorie counting or fad diets, Joelle turned her life around and found the benefits that intermittent fasting has to offer.

Having lost an incredible 80 lbs, she now leads a happy and healthy life, using fasting as a tool to help her to sustain the progress that she has made.

Joelle spoke to Fastic about her transformation and told us what a typical day looks like for her.

How long would you typically fast for in order to achieve results?

I would fast at 9 pm until as long as I could the following day, drinking only black coffee, water, or bone broth. Usually I would start to get hungry around 11 am, and at this time I would have a healthy shake.

Do you mind sharing your shake recipe?

As I progressed with this diet, I found I didn’t feel hungry for the shake until after midday or not at all. It got much easier!

Sounds delicious, what’s for lunch then?

Usually around noon or 1 pm, I have homemade bone broth from my instant pot. I tend to alternate weeks with plain bone broth and a low calorie soup, made with the bone broth (like black bean and bacon soup). I then have an apple around 2 pm and more bone broth if desired.

Homemade and nutritious! So what about dinner?

Dinner is usually around 6 pm. I have kale and spinach salad with hemp hearts, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes and whatever meat I have cooked for the family. I dress this in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. And for dessert I have snacking dates!

So many goodies in one meal! Do you have any snacks throughout your eating window?

I drink lots of water throughout the day. Good snacks are crackers and peanut butter, olives, dried chickpeas, hummus, and dark chocolate.

Do you eat the same everyday?

On the weekends I would let myself have a cheat day, maybe go out for dinner but try and order something healthy on the menu.

I noticed that if I eat poorly I feel terrible, and I think this is mostly due to me being used to healthy foods now. So the choice to have a greasy burger is less desirable!

Isn’t it interesting how our bodies change so much! What did you find helpful on your journey?

A huge help was all the encouragement and support I received from family, friends and colleagues. When things started to show they were all there cheering me on and giving me great support!

Amazing, support is so important! What’s your next goal, Joelle?

I have lost over 80 lbs and now fluctuate between 165 and 170. My goal now is to continue my new healthy lifestyle of intermittent fasting and making healthy choices.

If you, like Joelle, are ready to make a change, Fastic is here to help!

No matter your goals and lifestyle, there’s an intermittent fasting plan that’s right for you. With Fastic, you will have the tools and support you need to make intermittent fasting simple and sustainable. Interested in giving it a go?

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