Healthy fasting, made simple.

It’s all about you!

We promise to:

Tailor your personal experience
so your weight loss journey is unique to you

Help you create lasting healthy habits for better health
and wellness

Offer scientifically-backed methods to help you reach your goals

Expert knowledge and 25 years of experience. All in the Fastic app.

Here’s the background – Sebastian Wettcke, one of our co-founders, grew up with fasting as a family tradition. His parents are fasting coaches and have run a fasting hotel for the past 25 years, helping over 20,000 people. Our co-founders have embraced the lifestyle and taken this wealth of information and put it all into Fastic. Spreading balance and health, they’ve created a fasting app like no other. Combine this with our panel of experts, and you’ve got one outcome: Information you can trust.

The Fastic Family is the World’s Largest Fasting Community!

Studies show that group support helps you achieve your goals even more so than going at it alone. Get motivated, find support and connect with millions of members from around the world.

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