For every lifestyle, customized recipe filters

For every lifestyle, customized recipe filters
Cordelia Tan

Cordelia Tan | Author

Cordelia Tan, is a passionate advocate for women's health and well-being. Known as Fasty's number one fan, she expertly blends Eastern and Western health practices, offering a holistic approach to diet and wellness. Her work focuses on empowering women with knowledge and practical strategies for a healthier life.

In a world full of diet trends and nutrition tips, it can be a challenge to find what is right for your body and lifestyle. The Fastic app takes on this challenge by offering a diverse selection of recipes tailored to your individual eating habits. Whether you're climate-conscious, have specific dietary restrictions, or simply want to optimize your eating plan, our app has something for everyone. Let's take a look at the custom filtering options that can revolutionize your diet.

Where can I find the recipes in the app?

You can find the recipes in the Fasting tab of your Fastic app.


What are the options?


Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarians can enjoy a variety of recipes that do not require meat, but can still contain eggs and dairy products. These dishes are creative, colorful, and delicious.


For those who avoid animal products, there are a variety of vegan recipes. These plant-based creations are not only healthy and nutritious, but also creative and varied, so you'll never feel like you're missing out.


Alkaline recipes help you optimize your body's acid-base balance. The Fastic app offers you dishes rich in alkaline foods to help you balance your pH levels.


If fish is your preferred protein source, our pescetarian options are ideal. These recipes focus on fresh seafood and fish, combined with plenty of vegetables and whole grains.


Inspired by the Stone Age diet, the Paleo recipes in the Fastic app focus on unprocessed foods. Explore dishes that eliminate grains, legumes, and dairy products in favor of fresh vegetables, fruits, and high-quality meats.


Our ketogenic recipes drastically reduce carbohydrates and increase fat to put the body into a state of ketosis. These recipes are ideal for losing weight and boosting your metabolism.


If you care about the environment, the Fastic app offers climate-friendly recipes that aim to minimize the carbon footprint of your meals. These recipes focus on seasonal and regional ingredients to reduce transportation and associated emissions.

High protein

Whether you want to build muscle or simply feel fuller for longer, we offer high-protein recipes. These ensure a sufficient supply of essential amino acids, which are important for various bodily functions.

Low Carbohydrate

If you want to reduce your carbohydrate intake, the app offers a selection of low-carb recipes that are still filling and nutritious.

Low Fat

For those watching their fat intake, there are low-fat recipes that don't sacrifice taste and offer creative alternatives to high-calorie ingredients.


Lactose intolerance is no longer a problem - with our lactose-free recipes you can enjoy a worry-free diet.

Sugar Free

To control your sugar intake or for health reasons, the app features sugar-free recipes that use natural sweeteners and the sweet taste of fruit.

Gluten Free

For people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, there is a wide selection of gluten-free recipes that guarantee safety and enjoyment.

Nut Free

Nut allergies are common and can be a real limitation for those affected. Our nut-free recipes ensure safety and variety in your diet without having to worry about allergens. We offer tasty alternatives and creative solutions to replace nuts in traditional dishes without compromising on taste.

With Fastic, millions of people have achieved their desired weight, overcome disease and regained their quality of life.

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