Does Sugar-Free Gum Break a Fast? Can You Have Sugar-Free Gum While Fasting?

Does Sugar-Free Gum Break a Fast? Can You Have Sugar-Free Gum While Fasting?
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You can chew sugar-free gum while fasting, as it won’t stimulate an insulin response, which is what actually breaks the fast. Chewing gum may temporarily ease any cravings, not to mention freshening your breath. That said, do pay attention to the calories and ingredients in the gum you’re chewing. 

How Many Calories in Sugar-Free Gum?

Sugar-free gum varies in calories, but generally, its calorie content is less than that of its sugary counterpart. That’s because sugar contributes a major chunk of the calories in gum. 

For example, two pieces of Orbit sugar-free gum contain 5 calories, which is negligible. It won’t be enough to spike the insulin level in your body and bring you out of a fasted state. 

If you want to track everything you consume while intermittent fasting, the app Fastic is the answer. You can log all the foods and drinks you consume throughout the day to keep a check on your calorie intake, including sugar-free gum with few calories. 

What Kind of Sweetener Does Sugar-Free Gum Contain?

Sugar-free gum is typically sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Such sweeteners are practically zero-calorie but have a much higher level of sweetness, so even a little goes a long way in sweetening the gum without adding calories. 

Some of the artificial sweeteners found in sugar-free gum include sucralose, aspartame, sorbitol, and xylitol. Some may also have natural zero-calorie sweetener stevia. 

Chewing Sugar-Free Gum During Fasting: Are There Any Benefits?

You may find that chewing sugar-free gum helps control hunger or cravings during a fast. Chewing may help distract your mind and temporarily satiate cravings. A research study showed that chewing gum reduced the appetite of individuals who were restrained from food. 

For those who struggle to keep their mind off food and find it difficult to maintain their fast, chewing sugar-free gum may help. It won’t break the fast and help get through to the time you can eat again. So, it’s an effective strategy for getting through your fast. 

does sugar free gum break a fast

How Much Sugar-Free Gum Can You Chew While Fasting?

Sugar-free gum is often low-calorie, not zero-calorie. So, you have to show restraint in its consumption to avoid breaking your fast. Although one piece or stick may have a few calories, if you chew it frequently in a short period, you may stimulate an insulin response. 

While chewing sugar-free gum won’t break your fast, it’s recommended to do it in moderation. Make the best of the gum, and chew it for longer if you must, instead of popping another one in your mouth. 

Can You Chew Sugar-Free Gum to Freshen Breath While Fasting?

Most people chew gum because they believe their breath smells funny. If you’re at work or hanging out with friends, you may want to freshen your breath, especially if you’re fasting. During a fast, your mouth can get dry and make your breath unpleasant. 

It’s perfectly acceptable to chew mint gum while fasting to freshen your breath as long as it’s sugar-free. Some gum sticks with sugar may not have enough sugar to break your fast but to err on the side of caution, chew only sugar-free gum. 

If you frequently experience bad breath while fasting, you may be experiencing ketosis breath. This happens when your body is in ketosis, that is, burning fat for energy. So, the weird, fruity smell is a sign of that. Of course, it’s not the best thing if you’re meeting people. Chewing sugar-free gum can fix the problem. 

Can You Chew Flavored Sugar-Free Gum?

Yes, flavored or not, sugar-free gum is a safe choice while fasting. Flavored sugar-free gum may contain natural or artificial flavoring, but that doesn’t impact its calorie or sugar content drastically. Even with those fruity flavors, sugar-free gum remains low in calories. 

Sugar-free gum does contain artificial sweeteners, which can impact the gut microbiome in the long run. Moderation is advised when consuming anything that contains such sweeteners. 

If you have similar questions about fasting, the Fastic app can be your guide. Its AI-backed chat section can answer all your questions about intermittent fasting and help you get the most out of it. You can also keep track of exactly how much sugar you consume during the day, so you can stay within your limits after breaking your fast. 

Disclaimer: It is advised to speak with a health professional before beginning intermittent fasting or a diet program. There may be side effects for people with certain medical conditions.

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