My AI: The new Health AI Chat answers all your questions

My AI: The new Health AI Chat answers all your questions
Cordelia Tan

Cordelia Tan | Author

Cordelia Tan, is a passionate advocate for women's health and well-being. Known as Fasty's number one fan, she expertly blends Eastern and Western health practices, offering a holistic approach to diet and wellness. Her work focuses on empowering women with knowledge and practical strategies for a healthier life.

Today we'd like to introduce you to a recently released feature of the FASTIC app: The AI Health Assistant "My AI".

Health and nutrition coach in your pocket

Imagine having your own health and nutrition coach right in your pocket. That's exactly what My AI" offers. This innovative chat assistant specializing in health and nutrition will revolutionize your approach to healthy eating and weight management. Forget feeling deprived; it's all about eating smart, not less.


Can I eat this?

How often have you wondered if what you're eating is really good for you? Or how to tailor your diet to your individual needs? "My AI" has the answers. It adapts to your preferences and lifestyle, giving you personalized tips and advice.

Advanced AI technology

And the best part? It's more than a tool. It's like a daily companion that guides your journey, answers your questions, and helps you make informed decisions. Thanks to advanced AI technology, you have access to science-based advice whenever you need it.

This could be the turning point in your health journey. A smarter, more sustainable approach to nutrition and wellness. Give My AI a try and let's celebrate every step towards a healthier you together!

With Fastic, millions of people have achieved their desired weight, overcome disease and regained their quality of life.

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