New: Fastic releases Food Scan β€” Meal Tracking & Analysing Made Easy

New: Fastic releases Food Scan β€” Meal Tracking & Analysing Made Easy
Cordelia Tan

Cordelia Tan | Author

Cordelia Tan, is a passionate advocate for women's health and well-being. Known as Fasty's number one fan, she expertly blends Eastern and Western health practices, offering a holistic approach to diet and wellness. Her work focuses on empowering women with knowledge and practical strategies for a healthier life.

Fastic's new AI-powered meal & calorie tracker will change the way you eat!
The Fastic Food Scanner

Thanks to the Fastic Food Scanner, it's now easier for you to track your meals and calories. This groundbreaking update could affect your entire eating habit by making it quick and easy to get important information about your food.

Fastic Food Scanner

Unleash the magic of AI

Our Fastic Food & Calorie Tracker uses advanced AI and our unique food recognition technology to make nutrition tracking a breeze. With this feature, tracking your meals becomes a fast and fun experience instead of tedious manual entry. The tracker acts like a digital nutrition coach, providing real-time guidance and tips to help you make healthier choices.

No more typing

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually logging your meals! Fastic's revolutionary AI tracker allows you to simply take a photo of your meal and let the AI do the rest. It can accurately identify foods and keep track of the nutrients and calories you consume.


Intelligent Food Detection

Our advanced food recognition technology measures portions using your smartphone camera, so you don't have to guess how much you're eating. A simple snap with the Fastic Meal Tracker gives you accurate meal details.

Easy meal tracking

Nutrients and calories from your meals are automatically tracked, giving you a clear overview of your daily food intake. This allows you to make more informed choices about what you eat.

The Scanner & Tracker is more than just a tool. It's easy to use, informative and motivating.
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