Our Feel Good Guarantee

At Fastic, our mission is clear. As a company, we’re passionate about positively impacting people’s well-being and making our global community healthier and happier. We also know from studies, and millions of customers and their experiences, that intermittent fasting can help you create better habits, restore balance, and reach your long-term goals. Our concept is simple – all we recommend to create better habits and improve your health is:

1 | Stick to your fasting scheduleWe suggest a 16:8 fasting window

2 | Start & stop your fasting timer 5x/week
To keep on top of your everyday fasts

3 | Update your weight every week
So you can track your progress

It takes at least 21 days to form a new habit, and we stand by what we say! If you don’t feel any sort of physical or mental health improvement within 3 weeks of using our product as advised above, we’ll offer you your money back.

To guarantee success, be sure to seek balance and adopt an approach that works for you by considering the following points too:
✔ Schedule your fast around your lifestyle
✔ Tune in to how you’re feeling and adjust where need be
✔ Give yourself an intermittent fasting break now and then

To date, Fastic has helped millions of people in over 50 countries increase their well-being, and we can’t wait for you too to start seeing and feeling the benefits that healthy fasting with Fastic has to offer. From losing weight, improving sleep and boosting mental clarity, to increasing energy and restoring balance, we’re excited to help you reclaim your health and reach your results.

Let’s do this! 💪🏽

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